Sport, Music and More


Health and Physical Education is one of the learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. A specialist physical education teacher works with all classes for a forty-minute lesson each week.  Class teachers deliver the health components of the curriculum during class time.

During the Physical Education lessons, the children learn about a variety of different sporting skills with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play in the games that they learn linking with the focus areas that the Australian Curriculum recommend.

In Prep and Year 1 the beginning of the year focuses on Perceptual Motor Skills. These skills builds on fundamental movements that the children need to be able to perform. We continue to develop these skills during the year. In Year 2 we continue to build on the fundamental movements and introduce them to using the skills in games. In Year 3 and Year 4 we look at developing their knowledge about movement through participation in a variety of physical activities and start to introduce more structured sport-based skills. Years 5 and 6 sees the children being introduced to a variety of different sports including the interschool sports that are on offer. Year 6 students are also given opportunities to develop their knowledge around the theory attached to the Australian Curriculum.

The school utilises the skills of outside sporting agencies to offer something extra to all students.  Through Sporting Schools Funding, we can provide various sports each term for the children to try.  Sports such as Soccer, AFL, Tennis, Touch Football and Basketball have all worked with us closely


Star of the Sea offers a great music program within our normal program.  Children have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments such as drums, percussion, ukuleles etc.

We also utilise the skills of an outside Keyboard and singing teacher.  This is a service available to our children in school hours, at an extra cost to our families.


All students participate in swimming lessons in Term 4 over an intensive week long program at a local pool.  This is included in the School Fees



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